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About Evangelical University

The Evangelical University (EU) is a private Christian accredited university. It is administered by the
Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ). When one looks in retrospect at the unfolding events that led to the
formation of this institution, one cannot help but see the invisible hand of God working behind the scenes.
He orchestrates events; the merger of various international mission bodies, and the advent of various
missionaries in the country going as far back as 1800s, the seemingly unrelated occurrences fall in place like
jigsaw puzzle pieces to form one picture in later years – the Evangelical University.
The history of the Evangelical University can never be written without the Africa Evangelical Fellowship (AEF)
and subsequently the Evangelical Church in Zambia (ECZ). The institution owes its establishment to these
two bodies. Therefore, it is no surprise that the institution operates as an interdenominational institution
today. It stems from an interdenominational mission body – the AEF.
The university has interacted with some notable international scholars from various evangelical persuasions
in the course of its journey; Dr. John Stott, Dr. Tokunboh Adeyemo, Mr. Gottfried Osei-Mensah, Mrs. Ingrid
Trobisch among many others. It has been referred to as “a flagship of conservative evangelicalism in
Zambia”. It is the oldest interdenominational theological institution in Zambia, and its graduates serve in
every conceivable position in Zambia’s ecclesiastical world.

Our Programs


The Bachelor of Primary School Teacher Education is to provide primary school teacher education courses for learners who upon completion will teach in public and private primary level learning institutions.


Is designed to provide theological education Courses for learners who anticipate entering full-time Christian service as;  denominational leaders, para-church workers, Chaplains and missionaries.

School of Women in Ministry Studies

The Institute for Women in Ministry is designed to equip women for ministry. The women will gain confidence and skills to minister as they lead with grace and effectiveness. 

Open and Distance Learning (ODL)

The Degree in Theology and Education combines theology and education courses. The programme takes a 50% /50% approach. Translating into, 50% theological courses and 50% education courses.