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About Evangelical University

The Evangelical University is a private Christian accredited University that is intentionally residential. It is a ministry of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ). The institution is a flagship of conservative evangelicalism in Zambia. The school was the brain child of the Africa Evangelical Fellowship (AEF). It was founded in 1965 as the Bible College of Central Africa (BCCA) to mitigate the need for Bible taught preachers. The Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) took ownership in 1980 to administer the institution as the Theological College of Central Africa (TCCA), out of the realization of the need for quality, contextual, relevant, evangelical theological education in the rapidly growing Zambian Church. TCCA officially transitioned from college to university status in 2014 and the name change was effected in 2015. The school offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Certificate programmes. The Postgraduate programme is in partnership with the South African Theological Seminary (SATS). While the Certificate programme is designed specifically for women in ministry. The EU is accredited with the Higher Education Authority (HEA) and the Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA).

Our Programs


The Bachelor of Primary School Teacher Education is to provide primary school teacher education courses for learners who upon completion will teach in public and private primary level learning institutions.


Is designed to provide theological education Courses for learners who anticipate entering full-time Christian service as;  denominational leaders, para-church workers, Chaplains and missionaries.

School of Women in Ministry Studies

The Institute for Women in Ministry is designed to equip women for ministry. The women will gain confidence and skills to minister as they lead with grace and effectiveness. 

Open and Distance Learning (ODL)

The Degree in Theology and Education combines theology and education courses. The programme takes a 50% /50% approach. Translating into, 50% theological courses and 50% education courses.