Graduation is scheduled for Wednesday 30 November 2016. In order to graduate, students must meet the following requirements:

Academic requirements

B.Th. students must complete 180 credit hours; Dip.Th. students must complete 135 credit hours. In addition, all ‘courses required for graduation’ must be passed. In the case of a course failure, the lecturer, in consultation with the Academic Dean, may allow the student to sit a comprehensive exam that covers the course content and which, if passed, would void the disqualification for graduation. The exam would not alter the failing course grade.

Spiritual maturity

In order to graduate, students must display a level of spiritual maturity, as defined in the Objectives, which the faculty considers acceptable for positions of leadership in churches or Christian organisations.

Vocational skills

Those graduating must display competence in the skills necessary for the vocation for which they are training.

Church commitment

Graduating students must be in fellowship with the church(es) or organisation(s) which recommended and/or sponsored them for study at EU. This normally implies students will be involved with a church of the same denomination while at EU; exceptions may be made only with written permission from the sponsors.


All financial obligations to the University must be settled before a student can graduate.